04 December 2008

Gratitude And Chaos

First off I want to thank my awesome family! I am $150 closer to my goal of raising $2,500 for Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) and my participation in the 2009 Philadelphia leg of the Lance Armstrong Challenge. If you would like to help and donate to Lance Armstrong Foundation on behalf of my fundraising effort, you can go to my secure LAF Page, and make a secure donation. You can also track how I am doing, and there is a link to donate on the right hand sidebar of this blog. Thank you so much to those who have donated, and in advance to those of you who will!

OK, I was going to write a post base a bit on why I am so adamant that come hell or high water I will do the LIVESTRONG Challenge this year. Well, to be honest, I am just burnt out! Seriously. I will post something about the LIVESTRONG Challenge next week, or the week after, or maybe early next year. I'm just doing eighty things right now, and, well... This is how it's been:
I am taking a break from work, at home, after working late, at the office, to try and make hay while the sun shines. It has been chaos, I tell you! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find an Electrical Engineer who has FPGA, SPICE, and C Language experience, and further has used Xilinx and Altera products? Ugh... You probably don't, unless you are one, than you know how in demand you are. With that said, and with the chaos of Holiday and the year end deadlines coming down on me like a boulder on Willey Coyote back in the day of Looney Tunes (the original, not the wanna-be junk in the 90's). It's just all left me feeling like... Feeling as though... Well... Like this...

So, please bare with me if I get a bit flighty in the next couple of weeks, and know that I'll turn it around really soon! Thanks!

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