10 December 2008

Weekly Roundup December 10, 2008

So cool! The colds are gone, done, over, no more! WOO! So I’m doing what I have to make money before the market dries up right before the new year, and then I ride. I’ll have some time coming with the Christmas holiday and New Years. What does that mean? There’s a GREAT chance to plan a trip to Ray’s Mountain Bike Park. I have a friend, like the little sister I never had, who I lost track of for some years. We just got back in touch with one another, and it seems that her and her beau both mountain bike. They’ll also be in Cleveland for Christmas. Get it? Ray’s! Best part is… You’re all welcome to come! So, drop me a line via the “You Can Contact Me By Clicking Here” link, or drop me a comment with a way to get in touch with you and lets chat about how we can make it happen. OK, without further adieu, I give you what’s been giving me my fix in the last week, short and sweet, I give you the Weekly Roundup!

Bluenoser: My dude Bluenoser is well on his way to going off the deep end for cross! He wrote in his 09.12.08 blog post about how the Provincials went for him. Clearly he forgot that this was his first year trying cross, as he was a bit hard on himself. Bluenoser, er, pot! My name is Kettle… I know.

Travels With A Tin Donkey: It’s been a while, and I hope Sprocketboy can accept my humble apologies. I haven’t forgot about you bro! I am back on the Muesli, like it was crack, as a matter of fact. Can’t eat the stuff without wondering how you’re doing. Anyway, it appears that Sprocketboy had a great time on his Visit To The Pedaling History Bicycle Museum. He stopped at the museum, just outside of Buffalo apparently, and has a great story about the journey, complete with pictures. Hmm, Buffalo is only about three hours from Cleveland, may have to get out there.

Highwaymunky Blog: Munky seems to be having a similar problem to us here in Cleveland. Cold! He also seems to be lacking a certain four letter word. S-n-o-w. Lucky for him. Although snow is a ton of fun. Munky posted a quickie, with pics, about his Fresh Faced Ride. Sounds like it was more of a frozen faced ride.

Fat Cyclist: Fatty had a great little post about Property Value. I know, what does that have to do with cycling? I’m not even going to get into it, but to say you HAVE TO read this! It’s truly awesome, and funny! Oh, and congrats to you, Fatty, on the awesome first week showing for Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting For Susan! LAF must be blown away!

Harp Rider: Harp took a huge step and quit his job at the golf course, as a chef, and is focusing more on his work teaching at the college, as a chef, and his cycling, as a ch… er, just cycling. Also, “Bike Pedalers” will be opening a second store, so he’ll have more hours there as well. Seems as though Harp has had quite A Week. Here’s hoping for all the best for you Harp! Enjoy your new shirt! Oh… Still working on the calendar getting out to you. I PROMISE soon!

Well, that’s it for this week. Don’t forget to get over to Fat Cyclist, and sign up for the LIVESTRONG Challenge. Whether you ride, run, or just support, it’ll be an awesome time, and a chance to win some really cool stuff. GO! Check it out! As usual, I’m the Phun Cyclist, you stay classy Cleveland.

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