11 December 2008

Quite Possibly The Coolest "Office" Ever! Meet Conjunctured

Merriam-Webster defines the word "conjuncture" as: a combination of circumstances or events usually producing a crisis.
OK, so what the heck does this have to do with anything? It has to do with this. I like to think I am fairly on top of things, and pretty revolutionary in comparison to a good portion of those around me. An example is those I work with. I suggested that we should look into various forms of impromptu advertising, and you would think I suggested smoking crack in the workplace. I suggested things like tying into facebook, blogging, twitter, etc. I got blank stares, snickers, and push-backs. Much like when I suggested that 4/12 weeks are an awesome idea. The point of these things being, I think different. I use an Apple, For God sakes I've worked for Apple. I just think different, and my mind is always firing.

Apparently, so do these guys. The name is Conjunctured. They describe themselves simply as:
The very first Austin coworking space. We’re a growing community of like-minded professionals who have grown tired of working alone and crave the vibe of working in a collaborative and creative space.
As someone who has the ability to work from home, let me tell you... It sucks! Seriously. Sometimes you just need some background noise. Sometimes you just need someone to bounce an idea off of. Sometimes you just need... coffee? Sure, why not. The place is built on a group that used to take over a coffee shop weekly. They got sick of the weekly groove, so a group rented a house and turned it into a shared workspace. Wireless internet, fax, copiers projectors, a coffee bar, the whole sha-bang! People pay $25/day or $250/month for use of the space, and work in open groups, no cubicles here.

This is just one example of where the world is going. The generation that can't take the starched white shirt and tie, the corporate 9-5, the musty cubicles finally has it's own place. Kudos to these guys and gals in Austin who wanted to buck the system. Hopefully if, or when (?!), I get out to Austin to ride, I'll have an opportunity to pop in and visit the peeps at Conjunctured, and see firsthand what they have going on.


Cesar said...

Hey, I'm one of the co-founders. Thanks SO much for your kind words. Definitely come by and see us when you're in town next.

Austin's next big thing is South By South West (the Interactive arm is our favorite part). Will you be coming by for that?


Ray Huang said...

I got to tell you, theres plenty of places around to buy thats for sure. Good luck if you get into it!! I like the sound of it for sure.