29 December 2008

Maybe I'm Down For This Global Warming Thing After All

Before I get into the meat of the post, I've come up with more than I thought I had to dole out as Christmas gifts. So, I'll keep taking emails (you can email me via the link at the top of the right hand side bar that says "you can contact me by clicking here") until I run out of stuff. The rest of you who have already emailed me, I will get the stuff out soon. Probably after the first of the year, though. Also, thank you to all who have left comments or emailed with kind thoughts and words for the holidays!

I know, I said I wasn't going to post until the new year, but I couldn't resist. Odds are I'll post another time or two between now and then as well.

This weekend was long! I was off Wednesday through Sunday, and technically don't have to go back in until Monday January 5, 2009. I say that because I need to get used to saying 2009 or, once again, I'll screw up the date on every contract I touch until March! Anyway, with all that time on my hands I got around to getting back into the swing of something resembling exercise. I kind of 'forgot' that with as busy as I was with work and such. I think I put about five pounds back on over the last week though. Regardless, I'm well on my way, again, to weight loss.

Another thing that was interesting was the weather. Christmas Day and Friday were in the teens. I was, originally, planning a trip to Rays with an old friend, her fiance and brother on Saturday. That fell through on two accounts. First, she was in from out of town and party fowled by leaving her gear at home. Second, it wound up being 65ºf on Saturday... IN CLEVELAND! It was ten degrees warmer here, than it was at my friends in California. Seriously! So with that in mind, I needed to be outside. It sucked just a little bit on account the trails were mud pits, but I was able to ride some 'improved' (read: crushed limestone) trails around the neighborhood. It was wicked good fun throwing on shorts and short sleeves and getting out in the fresh air. If this is global warming, may I'm down for it.

Reality check, anyone? Sunday, temps back down in the thirties, wind gusts up to 58 MPH. Oh well, all good things must come to an end, right? So, back to waiting for a good time to get out on the MTB in the snow, working out indoors, and re-planning a trip to Rays. Well, off to work for now, for a while anyway.

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