15 December 2008

Weird Weekend Weather

Northeast Ohio is a weird animal. If you live in Cleveland you live by one quote; If you don't like the weather in Cleveland, give it five minutes. An example? OK. Friday night I took a forty-five minute ride to my brother-in-laws birthday party. It took about a hour and a half, or more. It was snowing horribly, and everything was icing over. There were three accidents on the way. Crazy! The saving grace? There was Christmas Ale, Christmas Ale makes it all better. Saturday It was nice. Sun out, cool, breezy, but tolerable. You needed to grab the jacket, but no snow, not too windy. Sunday, about fifty and rain, windy as all get out. To top things off, perfect cold weather. Just got over the coldS I've had since October 19th. Reason I know that, I started the cold the day after the cross race. So, now I have another one, by the way... I blame my wife this time... just for the record.

Anyway, this is just a perfect example of Cleveland. You never know what you're going to get. I am, however, anxiously awaiting the first real snow fall of the year. None of this two to three inch crap. I want the good old Cleveland type of snow! You know, like, two to three feet... at once. Then another two and a half feet the following day. School closed for two or three days, just stay home and work from home. Take a lunch ride, or something. That's what I'm talking about.

Regardless of the weather, I need to get far more serious about the training. This is a bad time of year for so many reasons. This is a crazy time at work, everyone is facing year end, and we are swamped. Every week there are two to three parties for the holiday, this week I have five. Seriously. How the heck can I expect to lose weight with five parties in a week. With weeks like these, I haven't been out on a bike since Thanksgiving now! I just suck. I'm ├╝ber excited, though, about the holidays! Christmas falls on a Thursday, as does New Years, why is that significant? It means four day weekends! Hopefully, I'll get in a Christmas Eve ride, maybe one on Christmas, the weekend after, and a similar ride schedule New Years weekend. Gives me something cool to look forward to, I suppose.

For now, don't forget about Mike O'Neil and his Jimi offer! Mike would like to extend a special offer to all of the Cycling Phun readers through the Holiday! 15% off your entire purchase! So jump online and get one for you, one for dad, another for mom so she isn't jealous, what about the guys at the local bike shop who never charge you to tweak out your bike (give 'em a six pack too, those guys love the suds, usually!), heck go mad and buy a case of these things! They're 15% OFF! Just go to http://thejimi.com and look around for what you want from the Jimi Store. Throw it all into your basket and fill out all the necessary info like name, address, payment, etc. When you're filling it out, make sure you type "phun" as the coupon code on the payment page, and WHAMO! (I just wanted to use the word whamo again), 15% off! It's just that easy! These things are seriously cool, one of the best purchases I've ever made!

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