30 December 2008

In Keeping With The 'Green' Theme From Yesterday, And Staying Timely With The Season

My friends know that I am not the most crazy 'green' person. It's not that I'm into destroying the environment, it's more that I don't buy the 'end of the world as we know it' talk (I feel an R.E.M. reference, I'll let that pass... OK). So, after saying all of that, I'm going to go in a green direction today.

Especially in the cycling world it seems as though many people are so adamant about protecting the environment. I have to admit, I like to ride in the country far more than in heavy traffic. There's something that's just enjoyable about being able to breath while you're riding. Since I've been riding I've been a little more aware of the environment. You notice things more on a bike than in a car. I'm still not crazy about the global warming hype, though, and think Gore is a douche bag (sorry, I like the term... it's a guilty pleasure of mine). There I said it. One thing had me kind of tweaked out the other day, though.

It all started Friday. My wife and I were out shopping the sales, and saw gift wrap on sale really cheep. So we loaded up on it. As I was walking with, what seemed like, about three acres of trees worth of paper it hit me. I turned to my wife and asked a simple question, "With all of the freaking out over the environment, how the hell are we still allowed to buy gift wrap?" This sentence was further brought to life on the drive into work today. Seeing countless mounds of trash awaiting pickup. Boxes and bags, and all of them full to the brim with paper.

I know, it's not about cycling, but seriously. We're so worried about every little thing we do, and it's impact on the environment, how do we let this pass? My suggestion? I don't know. Follow Fatty and use Gift Bags? Maybe the answer is fancy, reusable cloth bags? Eh, whatever. Just wanted to throw this out for you to think about next year for the holidays.

Hope your holidays were, are, great!


Bluenoser said...

Happy New Year.


Ron said...

I got a 'Green' Theme for you. Hey check my blog out tomorrow morning ok?

Judi said...

i guess we should be reusing newspaper for wrapping paper. most companies have gone "paperless" so that helps. i think gore is a doucher (love that term just as much as douche bag) too but i think global warming is very real.