16 December 2008

Another Installment Of The Hottie Of The Week, And A Great Show To Boot

It's been a while since I've humored Matt with a Hottie Of The Week®! He wanted a "Babe Of The Day", but that would just be crazy. So I gave in, I think the first time was Oct 23, and threw out Niki Gudex as my first Hottie Of The Week®. It's been a while since last I had a Hottie post, so I wanted to throw one in.

I've got a good reason for the Hottie Of The Week that I chose too! Not only is this woman b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l, but she is part of a show that, much like 24, is like crack to me. The show is Fringe. If you haven't seen Fringe, let me try to explain it in a hundred words or less, way less. If X-Files, which to be fair I loved, did a metric sh__-ton of steroids, then did a handful of drugs in hopes of sick creative plot-lines, and then beat the heck out of X-Files just to prove it was stronger. Yeah, that's Fringe. It's all about the paranormal, government conspiracies, crazy mind control, chemical warfare, and so so much more.

OK, I talked it up enough... all that just to get to this: The Hottie Of The Week®! Australian beauty, Anna Torv.


Highwaymunky said...

Not Bad but not as Hot!! As Niki Gudex.

Ray Huang said...

Shes attractive for sure, but when you watch the show she can look not so hot. but I think she acts very well and the range of emtoion she can sjow on her face is amazing and so honest?!?!? She never seems to be acting in a show that requires almost never ending barrage of reaction to surprises, violence, anger, happeiness, etc. Know what I mean?

Cycling Phun said...

Munky: Church, man, church! Good to see you around! Hope all is well.

Couldn't agree more Ray. I was wondering if they, sort of, dumb down her look for the role? She is a great actress especially, as you mentioned, for how quickly the plot, mood, tone, etc. change up in the show.